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Growth Product details
Putnam Growth Opportunities Fund
Putnam Health Sciences Trust
Putnam International Growth Fund
Putnam New Opportunities Fund
Putnam Small Cap Growth Fund
Putnam Vista Fund
Putnam Voyager Fund
Blend Product details
Putnam Capital Opportunities Fund
Putnam Emerging Markets Equity Fund
Putnam Europe Equity Fund
Putnam Global Equity Fund
Putnam Global Natural Resources Fund
Putnam International Capital Opportunities Fund
Putnam International Equity Fund
Putnam Investors Fund
Putnam Research Fund
Putnam S&P 500 Index Fund *†
Putnam S&P 500 Index Fund (35bps) *†
Putnam Utilities Growth and Income Fund
Value Product details
The George Putnam Fund of Boston
Putnam Convertible Income-Growth Trust
Putnam Equity Income Fund
The Putnam Fund for Growth and Income
Putnam International Value Fund
Putnam Mid Cap Value Fund
Putnam Small Cap Value Fund
Income Product details
Putnam American Government Income Fund
Putnam Bond Index Fund
Putnam Diversified Income Trust
Putnam Global Income Trust
Putnam High Yield Advantage Fund
Putnam High Yield Trust
Putnam Income Fund
Putnam U.S. Government Income Trust
Capital preservation Product details
Putnam Money Market Fund
Putnam Stable Value Fund (25bps)
Putnam Stable Value Fund (35bps)
Putnam Stable Value Fund (50bps)
Putnam Stable Value Fund (75bps)
Putnam Stable Value Fund (100bps)
Asset Allocation (Ready-mixed) Product details
Putnam Asset Allocation: Balanced Portfolio
Putnam Asset Allocation: Conservative Portfolio
Putnam Asset Allocation: Growth Portfolio
Putnam Retirement Advantage Portfolio
Putnam RetirementReady® Portfolios
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  * Fund tracks S&P 500 Index.

† The fund is managed by PanAgora Asset Management, a quantitative asset manager of which Putnam holds a 50% stake.

Putnam RetirementManager™ Portfolios:
Growth Portfolio, Balanced Portfolio, Conservative Portfolio
RetirementManager Growth Portfolio class A began operation on 10/01/02. RetirementManager Balanced Portfolio class A began operation on 01/06/03. RetirementManager Conservative Portfolio class A began operation on 01/22/03. RetirementManager Portfolios class Y began operation on 07/01/02. Performance for any periods since inception reflects actual performance. Performance for any period that includes a period prior to inception is computed on a pro forma basis by combining each quarter's performance of each Portfolio's current component investments (which may not be the same as actual components for past periods) during those periods weighted in accordance with the Portfolio's stated asset allocation, and rebalanced quarterly. Pro forma performance may differ significantly from the actual performance. Performance in the last column reflects actual performance since inception, annualized for periods since inception if longer than one year. The period since inception for which actual performance is provided may be a shorter period than periods for which pro forma performance is provided.
Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of a fund before investing. For a prospectus containing this and other information for any Putnam fund or product, call your financial representative, click on the prospectus section to view or download a prospectus, or call Putnam Investments toll-free at 1-888-4-PUTNAM (1-888-478-8626). Please read the prospectus carefully before you invest or send money.